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Virtual AI assistants for your Team

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we work, interact and educate.

We help legal & finance firms, media, SMEs and higher education institutions creating the AI assistants they need to:

Extract Valuable Knowledge from their own Data

In-house training

Teach 24/24 and support their community

Interact 24/24 with clients

Slash costs by 15% for any internal process or sales channel. We have a special 

offering for business owners and private equity firms called "AI-boosted ROI"

Upskill their sales and sales ops team on the power of GenAI



Versatile technologies

Different platforms, external, in-house, scalable with your project to ensure minimal costs

Back office AI functions

• Client AI strategy and requirement/needs auditing

• Data selection, curation, coherence (temporality mismatches, broken links, multi content selection)

• User interface (prompting)

Semantics & Linguistics

• Persona definition: style, reactions, reasoning

• RHLF Reinforcement Human Learning FeedBack: prompting sessions, adjustments, synergizing reactions and acting from the bot

AI is redefining work and education





Our number of projects


Monthly costs for clients (eur)


Aslan AI was created by the entrepreneur and economist Sebastien Laye, based on his own early experiments with generative AI. When trying to use LLMs for economics, he stumbled into roadblocks and disappointments. Aslan AI was spearheaded by what AI specialists call RAG or Retrieval Augmented Generation, a technique to reduce hallucinations and errors in LLMs and certify accurate in-house data in answers. Very quickly, he also realized that semantics, linguistics, human reinforcement, played an important role in the accuracy of the final product. With the same technology, 2 virtual assistants for instance can be night and day depending on the time devoted to non-tech areas (persona, style, human guidance). With these principles in mind he conceived an Economics Assistant based on his books, articles, interviews, for the French market. 




Problem Solution Framing

Sales is one department where we observe significant ROI for sales professionals willing to embrace these new tools to enhance their productivity. Solutions discovery, prospecting, creation of lead sheets, competitors analysis are greatly enhanced and cheaper with our tools.

Multilingual Work

Turning local content into another language accessible to other countries

Seamless integration of knowledge and data accross multilingual teams

Interactions 24/​24, 7/​7

Turn your web site, Youtube videos, handbooks and FAQs into 24/24 virtual assistants that we can integrate in a simple chatbot.

Transform your course materials into a simple 24/24 interface to assist your students any time with basic questions.

Large text and data analysis

Strengthen and lower the cost of your RFPs, memorandums and proposals.

Organize your internal research to make it more accessible

Handling of objections by other parties

                    The AI assistant for certified coaches


Exppand is the reference, professionnal, AI Coaching Assistant. Specifically designed for certified  and in-training coaches, it will help you building your coaching business with plans, programs, advisory and training. It can also help the general public with their professional careers. Exppand is available for individual users  through the above registration link and payment (30 eur/monthly). Exppand can also be used for your community or clients as a white label solution (contact Aslan for the white label solutions).


Web 3 and Spatial Computing Course Teaching Assistant

Business Coaching Tool

Economics AI

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